Meeting with the Wildness 

A One day Exploration with the Heartshore Herd.

Exploring the interface between the Wildness at the heart of our essence and the heart of the world... 

Slowing down to an ancient tempo of being where our senses open to the language of that Wildness, through body awareness, stillness practices and poetry...

Witnessed and inspired by the Presence of Horse, we come to the sacred Meeting Place where our perception of the 'other than human' life reawakens...

The introductory workshop at Heartshore marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Dawn Oakley - Smith and Catriona Macdonald. 

Catriona brings 30 years as osteopath, healer, animal communicator and horsewomen to her guiding of others into experiencing themselves as one of the 'Myriad Wild Things of this World'. 

Outside of her healing practise, she spends her time making crafts and wandering the land serving her apprenticeship as a story Carrier. 

Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns, Crackstone, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, GL6 9BD

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