Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns, Crackstone, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, GL6 9BD

Tel: 07918 687031 email: info@heartshorehorses.com

Horse Dance Sept 19th-24th 2018

We are living in times of chaos and change, we invite you to remember your place in the family and to consult the Horse Oracle through the ritual of the Horse Dance. Come with a question and we will work with you to prepare yourself, through movement and horsemanship practice to receive and answer.

Price: £990

Been before: £550

Includes lunch evening meals and free camping. 


Dawn Oakley-Smith, Monty Roberts trained, teaches Equine Applied Learning with IFEAL

Dawn Morgan, MA in somantics, 5 Rhythms Heartbeat trained movement facilitator for 20+ years.