At Heartshore we have worked for many years developing our own methods for the work that we do. We have taken inspiration from many different natural horsemanship teachers and are confident that we have found the perfect balance for our team, our horses and our clients. 

We come from a natural foundation with our horses. They are all kept as naturally as possible and we handle them with a zero violence or force tolerance. We have worked to develop individual relationships with each of our horses and we really feel as though we work together as a team in both the care and the work that we do. 

Our horses have a strongly formed social order and we allow this to flourish as we believe that this creates grounded, well-mannered horses secure in who they are and in their position within the Herd. This in turn results in safety for our clients because our horses are much less likely to “act out” if triggered. Having said this, our horses are strong individuals and they are allowed to express themselves from their individual personalities. She of the magic is formed as a client interacts with these pure equine personalities. Because of the nature of the work we do we need our horses to be as grounded and safe as possible and a huge part of this is allowing them to live in a well-established herd. 

We use a variety of natural equipment and we choose which equipment we use based on the individual needs of the horse we are working with. Some of our horses wear bits and some don’t. The ones that do, wear a simple snaffle which we have found causes the least discomfort. We also use the Monty Roberts Dually head collar, the Parelli halter and several bitless bridles for those horses who prefer to work bitless.

We have worked hard to learn what we believe to be the kindest, safest way to keep horses and we pride ourselves on the connection we have built with each and every herd member.

We employ a similar approach of flexibility and empowerment with our clients. Each client’s journey is an individual one and we seek to facilitate that journey with understanding and sensitivity, proceeding at the pace required by the client. We aim to foster individual relationships between clients and horses and we look for ways to enable those relationships to unfold.  

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