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Heartshore People

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Dawn Oakley-Smith founded Heartshore in 2003 and in a bid to move away from the traditional styles of horsemanship known widely in the UK.

Dawn's sensitive, therapeutic approach is the total opposite of traditional horsemanship methods as she works from a healing perspective, considering the life journey each horse has been on before they arrive at Heartshore and equally so with horses she works with outside of her own herd. 

Dawn and her family work in a variety of ways, all centred around the wisdom of horses and what they can teach us about ourselves. To know more about Dawn's background, click the button below.​

Dawn Oakley-Smith

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Dawn's daughter, India Oakley-Smith has been instrumental in the running of Heartshore, responsible for the training of new horses, riding lessons, management of the yard and care of the herd.


India now works for Somerset based charity, Key4Life maintaining a strong link with Heartshore through workshops and events to support the rehabilitation of at-risk young adults.

Marianne Parish has been an integral part of Heartshore for many years, starting out as a volunteer.​

Outside of her work with Heartshore, Marianne is an accomplished singer-songwriter, with her debut solo album soon to be released. You can follow Marianne on Instagram here.

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