Horse Dance 2020: Reflections

25th-27th September
Heartshore Farm, Gloucestershire


Dawn Morgan & Dawn Oakley-Smith bring together therapeutic dance and natural horsemanship culminating in a workshop of profound experience and a greater understanding of our inner selves.

On this three-day workshop, we'll be exploring the theme of Reflections.


During this event, we will settle into being, take stock of where we feel we are and with the help of the horses, seek an understanding of our inner reflections─of what we reflect onto others about ourselves, and with guidance from our horses, seek to gain a solid understanding of what this means as we navigate our personal life journeys.

All this will be discovered through the medium of movement and music.


Working with the horses reveals what may be hidden, what may need integration and can show us useful adjustments or completely new avenues to explore. Where we are whole and balanced will be strengthened and celebrated by the work we do. Where we are off-centre we will be guided back.

Wherever you find yourselves, we invite you to come to the herd to seek refuge and the unique guidance and reflection that the equine nation so readily offers us.

What Happens: Each day we will dance and spend time with the horses out on the land. You do not need experience of either of these activities to engage fully in the retreat and those with experience are also warmly welcomed. We will teach you basic horsemanship skills and movement/embodiment practices. We will support you to go at a pace that is right for you as you find your way into the Horse Dance.

During our time together we will work towards the ceremony of the Horse Dance.  Each person's ceremony is unique and is choreographed and created according to the themes you are working with and what unfolds in the moment. We ask you to bring a piece of music that moves you in some way, something to wear that you feel connected to─this could be a small item of jewellery or a full costume. 

The work we offer is spiritual, though not religious. It is grounded and intimate, fun, nourishing and deep. The horses bring us into the heart, into the body, they help quiet the mind and can act as a bridge between the earthly realms and the unseen mystery. Some experience of personal development may be helpful, please get in touch to find out more and to see if this is something you might enjoy and benefit from.

These retreats are limited to 6 participants, we expect participants to take responsibility to socially distance where needed and carry out cleanliness practices to increase our mutual safety. Because of this, we ask that you bring your own food for all lunches and evening meals. There are basic cooking facilities on site.
If you are not local, you are welcome to camp for £10 a night.

Full Price - £360 or £300 for early bird bookings.
Dates: 26th-27th September
Venue: Heartshore Stables, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, GL6 9BD
Please get in touch via email or telephone (see below) if you would like to know more and to book your place. 

About Dawn Morgan: Dancing has always been a huge part of Dawn's life and with this love of movement, she went on to learn the 5 Rhythms method of dance, which she also teaches. Dawn has an MA in Dance, Somatic Movement & Well-being and she is also trained in Pre & Perinatal Psychology. You can find out more about Dawn Morgan here:

About Dawn Oakley-Smith: Dawn Oakley-Smith has spent a lifetime alongside horses. Her sensitive, therapeutic approach is the total opposite of traditional horsemanship methods which makes her an unusual horsewoman in the Gloucestershire landscape.

Dawn works with horses from a healing perspective, she takes into account the journey each and every horse may have been on before they reach her. Just as with people, this way of being allows Dawn's horses freedom to choose, something Anna Sewell (Black Beauty) would be so proud to witness. Dawn sees the soul connection in all things.

For both women bringing together horses and dance seemed like the perfect combination and something that will have been done centuries ago when horses were seen as creatures to worship, to seek guidance from and to respect above all things.

If you'd like to take part in this workshop, just click the button below to register your interest via email, or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


​Dawn Oakley-Smith: +44 07918 687031

Dawn Morgan: +44 07894 711520

If you like the sound of Horse Dance, but you're not quite ready to commit, click the button below for details of our introductory day workshop. 

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