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My son Dylan came to Heartshore on his 5th Birthday. I had met Dawn at a Horseboy camp a month beforehand and she took one look at Dylan on a horse and felt he must visit her horses.


The only place Dylan found peace at that time was on the back of a horse. I feel it aligned his spine in such a way that his brain could get the signals it needed and he could rest, process, be with us instead of constantly having to run. He would regularly take part in three hour rides, giggling as he cantered across the fields. This was his peace, his precious time.


Riding being so highly motivational was a fantastic opportunity to promote language, social awareness, sequencing, and tackle behaviours.
I have seen the emotional connections between Dylan and many horses over the years, especially a fell pony called Ella. He also formed a solid bond with Dawn’s daughter, India, and gained independence from me by going out on hacks with India and Dawn. He is 13 now and taking lessons with India twice a week where he is learning to be independent with his riding. He now has his own horse, Harry. He takes part in the haying and has developed a little hay dance for each section that goes over the fence.

— Natasha Scott

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Having trained at the Institute of Creative Therapy in Islington I’ve quite a lot of experience in talking therapies. Working with the IFEEL methodology and Dawn's horses, I’ve found it to be one of the deepest, most direct forms of therapeutic style sessions I’ve found. Blessings x


— Anna-Saqqara

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