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Virtual Equine Facilitated Sessions

We are now offering virtual equine facilitated sessions. These sessions follow

the same format as in-person , but attending from the comfort of your own


Individuals who have joined us in this way have shared that the sessions were

very effective and powerful. One woman, who attended a virtual session from

her home in the States and who is very familiar with the in-person work,

commented that it was even more effective than being on site ! She shared

that this was because she already felt very safe and contained in her own

familiar surroundings, and thus was able to engage more deeply with the


We developed this virtual modality due to restrictions that were imposed by

the Lockdown situation, but we have since realized some unexpected benefits

arising from this way of working. It means that anyone can join us from

anywhere in the world; and it also suits those individuals who, for reasons of

physical or emotional symptoms, cannot leave their homes.

The cost of a one and a half hour virtual session is £90, or the equivalent.

If you would like to book a virtual session, please email me at, and I will send you some introductory


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