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The Empowered Herd Paperback

A book about the growing field of Equine Facilitated Learning.

The Empowered Herd is the culmination of years of equine experience that offer us another way to communicate and build our relationship with horses. Dawn Oakley-Smith brings us a rare and sensitive opportunity to listen and respond to the inaudible voices of the herd. Her perceptive and intuitive work provides a backdrop for creating a deeper and more equitable interdependence with the herd that supports both human and horse. Dawn's perspective offers a new and fresh way to relate with horses, provides guidance on how to assess their needs and opens the door for their freedom and independence whilst creating a deep, long-lasting relationship based on mutual honoring and respect.

Dawn provides guidance in assuring the safety of the horse and the participants during journey work and offers ways to assist in opening and sustaining a unified field for all.





The Empowered Herd Paperback

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