September 8th - 12th

Horse Dance: The Alchemy of Grief

 Horses will be your guide in this gentle exploration through grief, a journey of discovery and a whole new growth-edge.

Photograph by Valentin Salja, with thanks

“Horses give us an awareness of soul, of who we are in the deepest—where it matters; a consciousness and a sense of our connection to the divine spark within and without; a seeing and a knowing of our place in the stream of life; an ability to stand with courage in one's centre, whatever happens.” ​


— Dawn Oakley-Smith

Heartshore Horses was founded in 2003 by Dawn Oakley-Smith. A lifetime spent with horses, Dawn's sensitive, therapeutic approach is the total opposite of traditional horsemanship methods making her an unusual horsewoman in the Gloucestershire landscape. 


Heartshore is a place where the learning and development of people and horses are intertwined, the horses revealing a different perspective on life as we know it. Dawn and her family work in a variety of ways, all centred around the wisdom of horses and what they can teach us about ourselves. 

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  • Horse Dance: The Gift in the Wound
    Wed, 11 Aug
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns
    11 Aug, 10:00 – 15 Aug, 16:00
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns, Crackstone, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 9BD, UK
    This 5-day workshop invites you to explore the treasure that can be found from our inner-most grief. How do our deepest wounds mould us? What can these experiences teach us about ourselves? The wisdom of horses guides participants on this incredible journey . . .
  • Horse Dance: The Alchemy of Grief
    Wed, 08 Sep
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns
    08 Sep, 10:00 BST – 12 Sep, 14:00 BST
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns, Crackstone, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6, UK
    This 5-day workshop will allow participants to explore grief - a difficult and challenging emotion, with the support of facilitators and horses. How do we express our grief, and can we find ways of releasing past sadnesses and moving forward with a new growth-edge.
  • IFEEL Method Level 5 Diploma in EFHD Week Four
    Wed, 22 Sep
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns
    22 Sep, 09:00 – 24 Sep, 17:00
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 9BD, UK
  • Equine-Assisted Soul Experience
    Fri, 09 Jul
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns
    09 Jul, 17:00 – 13 Jul, 16:00
    Heartshore Horses, Crackstone Barns, Crackstone, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 9BD, UK
    The Equine-Assisted Soul Experience is a deep, cleansing and shamanic journey made all the more potent by the presence of horses. Participants can expect a beautiful discovery of self, and an awareness of one's soul purpose in life.
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